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Chapter 796: Horadric Magic Staff

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel had slowly mastered the intermediate wizard fighting style.

That double spell cast took intermediate wizards in Miracle City years to learn. It was an advanced wizard technique and extremely difficult to master.

However, Abel knew how to mult.i.task. With the Druid soul inside him, he could perfectly cast two spells simultaneously at an immediate speed.

After he filled the place with firewalls, the spirit guardian knights flashed next to the fallen sun shrine and blocked both sides’ entrance.

The claw vipers and salamanders were half dead after pa.s.sing through tens of firewalls, and their fate had ended as soon as they appeared in front of the spirit guardian knights.

Fangskin was the furthest away, and it began to attack the mud monster. The mud monster was not that good at defense, and Fangskin’s extra fast had defused its speed increase ability.

Therefore, the mud monster was destroyed after a short while. It disintegrated into the earth. Since it was too far away, Abel’s Druid soul could not use any potions on it.

Abel frowned a little on the fallen sun shrine. The mud monster was his summon. It was connected with him through the power of the will, so its death would affect him.

Luckily, his power of the will was very strong. The death of the mud monster did not cause him dizziness.

The battle was looking quite positive. The only thing Abel lost at this point was a mud monster, and his only remaining enemy was Fangskin.

However, Fangskin didn’t seem like it was affected by this in the slightest. It screeched and dashed towards the spirit guardian knights.

Although victory was close, he could not let his guard down. A ‘move in a flash’ spell pattern appeared on his s.h.i.+eld and was maintained by his mana.

He threw firewalls to support the spirit guardian knights fight with Fangskin.

Since Abel cast his spell by igniting the symbol on the skill tree, he could maintain a spell in its pre-ignited state as long as he kept supplying it with mana.

Of course, this trick was not impossible to learn for other wizards, but their souls could only support one spell in this circ.u.mstance.

Normal wizards did not have two souls like Abel. Therefore, a wizard could not cast another spell if they wanted to maintain a ‘move in a flash’ spell on the brink of ignition.

The reason why Abel was so careful because he didn’t want Fangskin to appear next to him out of a sudden like before. It had an ability known as ‘teleportation’ from its enchantment from h.e.l.l.

It was similar to a wizard’s move in a flash. It could transfer the subject to any targeted spot with no time.

Under the spirit guardian knights and Abel’s firewall, Fangskin’s life force was quickly dropping. Soon, it let out a scream and vanished from the spot.

Abel immediately ignited his move in a flash and vanished from the fallen sun shrine in a flash of white light as soon as Fangskin appeared.

As Fangskin was frantically looking around for Abel, the spirit guardian knights flashed next to it and began their beating again.

Abel re-summoned another mud monster. The loss of his mud monster just then was an accident. Abel felt a little irritated in his heart. He had that mud monster for a long time, and a priest’s summon would often get more powerful as their fighting experience increased.

He no longer worried too much about the battle. Although Fangskin had teleported a few more times, it was quickly sensed by Abel’s intuition.

His head commander intuition was a lot more sensitive with fewer enemies. Since Fangskin was the only enemy around, it could no longer form a threat to Abel.

At last, Fangskin let out a howl and exploded. Flesh and blood spilled on the floor. A golden glowing ball flew out and entered the Horadric cube on Abel’s left arm.

Abel let out a long breath of relief. These dark gold level h.e.l.l creatures were getting harder and harder to take down with all kinds of strange h.e.l.l enchantment abilities. They were scarier than any occupations in the Holy Continent.

Abel gained another bottle of ‘ability potion.’ He was certain the abilities were lightning enchantment, extra fast, and teleportation.

Lightning enchantment: +66% minimum lightning damage, +100% maximum lightning damage. +75% lightning resistance. Unleash a charging bolt at the same level as the attacker when being attacked.

It was not a bottle of ability potion he could use. Abel began to think about using the 2 usable ability potions to strengthen his contracted beasts.

But first, he needed to figure out a way to get that Amulet of the Viper out of the fallen sun shrine. He flashed on the shrine and looked around.

Finally, he found the amulet under the shrine. It was a dark gold quality amulet, and it’s attributed definitely did not live up to it.

Amulet of the Viper

Poison resistance +25%

+10 life

+10 mana

Still, it’s true usefulness lies within its ability to combine with the Staff of the King. So, it depended on the Horadric Cube.

Abel cleared out everything in his Horadric Cube and put the Staff of the King inside along with Viper Necklace. Then, he ignited the combination with his power of will.

A white light flashed. The Staff of the King and Amulet of the Viper vanished. Afterward, a new magic staff appeared in his Horadric Cube, the ‘Horadric Staff.”

The Horadric Staff was the key to opening that magic circle outside of Deckard’s room.

Abel’s next mission was to find Deckard. It was located in the Canyon of the Magi, but he had to get the Arcane Sanctuary to find it.

Abel teleported back to Lute Gholein and came to the short next to the square.

He took a deep breath of the slightly salty breeze of the sea and exhaled the horrific smell he inhaled during these few days of battle with the h.e.l.l creatures. All of a sudden, he felt his heart lifted.

Abel did not dwell for long; he still had h.e.l.l creatures to kill under the palace.

He arrived at the back of the palace on Black Wind. He had taken all the delicate decorations and art pieces. The only thing left was the fixed decorations on the wall and the luxury tiles.

From the back of the palace, Abel and Black Wind began to make their way underground through an underground pa.s.sage.

The luxury of this place was beyond Abel’s expectations. Compared to his own palace, this place was another step up.

In the past, he was afraid to go underground because of the h.e.l.l creatures, so it was only until that point he realized how much more luxurious the art pieces and decorations were compared to the surface level.

The whole floor was like a gallery for art pieces. h.e.l.l creatures had not destroyed them. Other than a bit of messiness on the floor and walls, h.e.l.l creatures were nowhere to be seen.

Abel already wanted to swap out these art pieces and take them back with him to Orwell’s palace. This way, the Orwell palace would get another sophisticated edge.

Orwell palace was the domain of the elf Master Bennett, one of his many ident.i.ties. He loved the peacefulness and the gorgeous scenery of that place. When Loraine came out of her retreat one day, Abel would surprise her.


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