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Chapter 502 Died Like Nothing

Fink and Barney didn’t know anything about the recipe. Actually, they didn’t even have the recipe for the “rabbit essence.” They knew very little. As true as that was, they still didn’t want to give what little information they knew to the man threatening them.

Fink said with a shaky voice, “You-you can’t run! The law enforcement wizards will be on their way!”

Wizard Jallel smiled, “You seem to have forgotten something, boy. Nigel is right beside me, so who’s coming to save you?”

That just reminded Fink. If Wizard Nigel was already here, he must be in the same group as these two. He also remembered something else. Just this morning, a huge bucket of the “rabbit essence” was transported to this shop. Whatever he did, he wasn’t going to let that go to the hands of these burglars.

After calming himself a little, Fink stood up and said resolutely, “I don’t have the recipes you want, sir, but I can demonstrate making it for you.”

“Fink!” Barney shouted to his brother.

“Shut up, you!” Wizard Jallel called out, then knocked Barney down with his power of the Will, “Sure, sure me how it’s done.”

As he took a brief look to check that Barney was alright, Fink walked towards the kitchen bench and took out a pile of meat. Then, when he put it inside the water basin, he started pouring the rabbit essence solution onto it.

Everything made sense so far. Yet, something strange started happening. The kitchen was filled with the smell of the rabbit essence, but the rabbit essence solution started flowing down the drain.

“What are you doing?” Wizard Jallel screamed as he realized what was happening. He took the water bottle away from Fink’s hand with his “telekinesis” spell, but everything inside was already gone.

“Very slippery, aren’t you?” Wizard Jallel said. With a flick of his hands, he launched a fireball and turned Fink into Ash.

Wizard Jallel walked towards Barney. Barney was still on the ground, so he came to grab him by his hair. He used his power of the Will to infiltrate Barney’s brain. Since Barney was just an ordinary human, it would destroy his cognitive system.

It was all for just some recipe. When Wizard Jallel looked into Barney’s head, he could see everything that Barney had experienced in his life. He didn’t care about any of it. All he wanted was the recipe for the good food that he had.

His birthday–skipped. His first day at the job–skipped. The time he had fun with his friends–Didn’t matter. When Wizard Jallel skipped to the part that Barney was cleaning up the kitchen utensils, that’s when he knew that he got what he was after.

What he saw next absolutely shocked him. A strange pentagonal circle started appearing. Its bright light covered everything up.

“AGH!” Wizard Jallel screamed. At the same time, he unleashed mana from his hand that made Barney’s entire head explode.

“What’s wrong, Sixth?” Wizard Bunker came over and asked. To him, it wouldn’t be weird if the two interrogation victims were screaming at the top of their lungs, but to hear his comrade scream, that was something that he had not expected.

“It’s fine, Fifth!” Wizard Jallel shook his head, “Someone set up a security measure inside their brains. Whoever it is, he doesn’t want to let anyone know about the recipes.”

Wizard Bunker said dreadfully, “Well, well. It looks like things are starting to get really interesting.”

When Fink and Barney died, Abel was still at Harry Castle. He was busy forging a knight’s big sword at his workshop.

Abel suddenly threw his sword away, “I’ve got to go, Master Bentham.”

Master Bentham nodded, “Sure, just leave the sword to me. I can finish it for you.”

Abel quickly walked away and called through his soul chain, “Bartoli. It’s me. What just happened?”

He didn’t know what happened, but Bartoli’s voice sounded sad, “Master, my contract with Fink and Barney just disappeared!”

“You mean someone killed them?” Abel asked in shock. He didn’t know Fink and Barney that well, but they were both his employees. Who would do something like this to him? Actually, what happened to Liante City?

Abel said after thinking for a while, “Bartoli, I need you to come here right away. I’ve got something that I want you to do for me.”

“Yes, Master!” Bartoli replied. Soon, she used her “instantaneous movement” spell and appeared right in front of Abel.

Abel instructed, “Bartoli, investigate. Remember, you can only die once now. Go look for Wizard Lorenzo. Don’t do anything risky. If something happens, just run away.”

“Yes, Master!’ Bartoli bowed and replied.

“Here,” Abel said, then handed Bartoli two bottles of his “full recovery potions.” Obviously, Bartoli knew what these were. She knew how valuable these potions were, and she was grateful that her master would go as far as to give her two extra lives.

As of now, Abel didn’t want to head to Liante City himself. There was a chance that someone was targeting him, so he didn’t want to do anything that would attract unwanted attention. He was not an intermediate wizard yet. The safest option for him was to stay inside his own magic tower.

He trusted that Bartoli knew what she was doing. She was a sensible person. If her thinking was in the right place, she would never run into danger without making enough preparations. Besides, unlike him, she had the “instantaneous movement” to help running away from anything.

Right now, there was something that Abel couldn’t get his head around. Liante City was supposed to be a pacifist city. All traces of mana would be recorded by the local authorities. Last time, when Bartoli was trying to use her mana to clean the blood that was inside the restaurant, she was fined a lot of points by the law enforcement wizards.


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