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Chapter 217 Rib Bone No. 2

After picking up Flavie’s bow, Abel dug a hole at the entrance with his sword. Once he finished digging, he dropped the bow into it and started filling up the hole. He then found a piece of wood and built a grave with it. On the piece of wood, he carved in some text with the tip of his blade.

“Here lies a great and loyal warrior. Her name was Flavie; the rogue archer who was the guardian of this land.”

After he did all that, he gave another bow in front of the grave. She might be in a different race than him, but she definitely deserved respect for being the loyal warrior that she was.

Just when Abel was about to walk to the end of the pathway, he could feel a chilling air that was soaring at him. No wonder it was called the Cold plains. The temperature there must be at least twenty degrees colder than the Blood Moor.

Abel started looking around. Whenever he found some hard rocks on the ground, he would try to dig for something with his big sword. Unfortunately for him, the only things he got were just a bunch of rocks.

He wanted to find a waypoint here. Since it had been too long since it was last used, it was probably hidden underneath the earth. If only Black Wind was here, it could’ve just sniffed out the right location for him.

After searching for two hours, Abel was about to give up. Then, the tip of his blade started touching something hard. When he tried to dig the soil away with his blade, a magic circle appeared in front of him.

Abel took out two perfect diamonds from his kong kong spiritual beast bag. After placing them the slots at the circle’s two ends, the rune pattern on it started glowing in bright light. Soon, the lights started fading until the only things that were s.h.i.+ning were the diamonds themselves.

As Abel stood on top of the waypoint, a range of options popped up in his head. Right now, he could only choose between going to Rogue’s Encampment or the Cold Plains.

After choosing the Rogue’s Encampment, a white light started surrounding itself around Abel. Next thing he knew, he was already at the waypoint inside the Rogue’s Encampment. It was very convenient for him since he no longer had the need to find his enemies by foot.

Speaking of which, where was Rib Bone? From what it looked like, it probably didn’t follow him back to the Rogue’s Encampment. Because of how far it was from the Cold Plain, he could try to communicate with it with his power of the Will. He could try to read its status with the Horadric Cube, though.

Just when Abel opened up his Horadric Cube and looked for Rib Bone’s details, he could see that its experience point was increased by two. He did not expect that at all. If killing one enemy meant that you would receive one experience point, did Rib Bone just kill two enemies on its own?

Suddenly, Rib Bone’s experience points increased by two again. If a double kill occurred twice in a row, there must be something going on that Abel wasn’t aware of. As far as he knew, if he came to the Cold Plain again, the experience point Rib Bone would get would be just one.

Abel focused his power of the Will into the Horadric Cube’s skill tree. As soon as he noticed the skeleton symbol inside, his field of vision changed into that of what Rib Bone was looking at.

From what it looked like, Rib Bone was having a fight with a giant beast. While it was guarding the attacks with its s.h.i.+eld, the impact was so great that it had to keep moving back on its two legs.

Suddenly, as a ray of blue light flashed by, the giant beast’s body was covered in frost. It was starting to slow down, which gave Rib Bone the opportunity to finish it off with a knight’s consecutive attack. It tried to resist, of course, but it wasn’t so easy to get out of the freezing effect of the freezing enhancement.

Soon, Rib Bone prepared itself for a second knight’s consecutive attack. While its offensive ability was reduced, there was still quite a lot of damage being released when a physical attack was combined with death qi. By the time it was about to unleash its fourth attack, the giant beast was already lying dead on the ground. When that happened, the soul of the giant beast flew out and went into Rib Bone’s body.

Abel just noticed something. If Rib Bone could absorb souls to improve its strength, maybe it could just drink the soul potion instead. If that was the case, however, the six bottles that he had would not be enough at all.

From the icon on the skill tree, Abel could control Rib Bone to walk to the waypoint. After that, he was able to transport it to the waypoint at the Rogue’s Encampment.

Once Rib Bone came, Abel took out the soul potion that had the corpsefire’s soul in it. He could see that Rib Bone got very excited at the sight of it. Even without his command, it was walking straight at him for it.

Abel wasn’t planning to use the soul potion on himself. Since it was cleared labeled “only for summoned beings,” something would probably go wrong if he tried to drink it himself.

Once the soul potion was pa.s.sed over to Rib Bone, it started “drinking” it in the same weird way that it did. It crashed the bottle on its head, which made the dark gold potion pouring all over its body. Blue flames started striking up in its hollow eyes. Its bones were starting to thicken. It was becoming a lot stronger.

After ten or twenty minutes, Abel watched as Rib Bone finished its transformation. When he saw the attribute for the “resurrection of skeletons” spell, he realized that there was a change.

Resurrection of Skeletons

Description: Summon one skeleton from a dead monster’s corpse to fight for you.

Mana cost: 7

Number of skeletons: 2

Damage: 1-2

Health Point: 21

Current level: 2

Progress till the next level: 23/5600

One bottle of the corpsefire’s soul potion. That’s all it took for Rib Bone to rank up by two. As it turned out, the soul potion was just a potion for extra experience points for it.

Come to think of it. It wasn’t just Rib Bone and Abel. White Cloud and Black Wind needed the soul potion as well. There was only one way to get them, however, and that was for Abel to kill the h.e.l.l creatures themselves. So far, the potions that he had were too little to be distributed

Wait. Abel just remembered something. The number of skeletons he could summon was two. After bringing Rib Bone to the waypoint, Abel came to the Cold Plain and walked towards the giant beast that was just killed. After waving his hand, he drew out the death qi from its body and “bang,” a newborn skeleton was standing right in front of him.

Abel took a look at this second skeleton. Contrary to what he had thought, it did not possess the freezing enhancement ability. As it turned out, special abilities weren’t meant to be shared amongst all summoned beings of the same master.

Abel took out two magic armors from his kong kong spiritual beast bag. While they were usually meant for practice, he decided to have both Rib Bone and the new skeleton wear them. They were both magic armors, with sol, the twelfth rune word written them. What sol could do was that it could increase one’s defensive ability against physical attacks.

If the first one was called Rib Bone, what should the second one be? After thinking to himself, Abel decided that he would be lazy for once. The first one was going to be called Rib Bone no. 1, whereas the second one would be called Rib Bone no. 2.

While Rib Bone no.1 one was just as fast after wearing the magic armor, Rib Bone no. 2 became a lot slower. Its speed was reduced by about two-thirds, and since it was carrying Abel’s ice magic sword and magic s.h.i.+eld, its speed was now twice as slow as it was originally.


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