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Chapter 169: Mission

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel just increased his rank. He still wasn’t fully awake from the shock of excitement when he felt his ident.i.ty card vibrating on his waist. In order to avoid people disturbing him when he was increasing his rank, he set a do not disturb on his ident.i.ty card. Who kept calling him?

The moment he connected, the Finkle’s voice came, “Mr., you there?”

“Finkle, what’s up?” Abel asked.

“Mr., did you rank up?” Finkle sounded very excited.

“How do you know?” Abel asked in a puzzled tone. He did not know that when wizards increase their rank, an energy wave would be unleashed.

“Abel, come down and have lunch with us, quick!” Camille’s voice came through.

Abel quickly packed up his stuff and hurried to the first floor. The moment he arrived, Finkle stepped up with a face full of joy and said, “Master, you almost scared me to death.”

Abel took a sit on a chair. He looked at Finkle and said, “Why’s that?”

Camille said with a smile from a side, “It was time for lunch, but you locked yourself up in your room. Your wizard follower thought something bad had happened to you and was just begging me to connect teacher.”

“Finkle, don’t be like that in the future. It’s very normal for a wizard to lock themselves up!” Although Abel said it like it was nothing, he was actually very touched in his heart.

Abel turned his head, seeing the slightly depressed looking Carlos. He then asked weirdly, “Carlos, what happened to you today?”

“Junior brother, Within three months I will….” up to this point Carlos came to a halt, after a while, he changed mind and said. “No, in four months….” he stopped again. At last, he said with a certain tone, “in five months, I will definitely become a rank 4 wizard.”

“Congratulations Carlos. You rank up so quickly.” Abel congrats him genuinely.

“Ha!” Camille was just taking a sip of the soup, but she couldn’t help but suddenly spit it out when she heard what Carlos had said. This could only end badly for Carlos.

“Camille!” Carlos jumped up. He was about to teach Camille a lesson, but then he was reminded of Camille’s rank. So instead, he just stuck out his hand and asked his wizard follower for a towel. Then, he began to rub angrily.

No matter what, Camille was still a woman. Although she could be a little alpha sometimes, her face still immediately got red after she spat her mouthful of soup on Carlos’s face. She quickly followed, “Sorry, sorry, Carlos.”

“Junior brother, are you trying to p.i.s.s me off intentionally?” Said Carlos helplessly, looking at the innocent look on Abel’s face.

“Carlos, what really happened to you today?” Abel asked again, Carlos seemed very odd today.

“He was worried that you would take his spot as the 6th disciple since you increased your rank so fast.” Camille couldn’t stop herself, and she said out was on Carlos’s mind in one breath.

“Carlos, I had only become rank 3, and you are already well on your way to rank 4!” Abel wasn’t too sure what Carlos was thinking.

“Abel, since you are already rank 3. Can Carlos and I invite you to join our gang?” Said Camille seriously, looking at the expression of Abel.

When Carlos heard the words of Camille, he seemed to forget about everything that just happened and said with excitement, “Yeah, we can do missions together in the future.”

Abel had no idea what they were saying all of a sudden. He asked, “Camille, Carlos, what gang? what mission?”

“Since you are now a rank 3 novice wizard, you can apply for a wizard badge. With this wizard badge, you can apply for missions and gain some credits from the wizard Union.” Camille explained.

“Junior brother, the teacher can only give you the spells for novice wizards for free. For official wizards spells, you need to go to the wizard Union and buy it with your credits.” Carlos followed.

“How much does it cost to teleport to the wizard Union every time?” Abel was familiar with the credit system. In his past world, a lot of occupations also had a credit system. Since this world had developed for a long time, also coming up with the credit system was not a surprise. However, if he needed to go to the wizard Union to apply and finish the mission every time, the teleportation fee might not be cheap.

“We did not tell you this before because we were afraid it would affect your training. Now, since you are a rank 3 novice wizard, we’ll let you know.” Said Carlos as he dragged Abel in front of the defense circle in front of the teleportation circle.

At that moment, the teleportation circle was s.h.i.+ning in white light. Carlos took out his ident.i.ty card to open the little door between the golden fence. However, nothing happened. He then said in a somewhat embarra.s.sed tone, “Right, I forgot. The teleportation circle can only open this door when no one is teleporting.”

“Carlos, you are always crude like this!” Said Camille in a mocking tone.

At that moment, the white light began to concentrate, and a silhouette of a man emerged from the white light. It was a big build middle-age male wizard with a magic robe.

“Carlos, Camille, h.e.l.lo. Oh, and this must be Abel!” Said the big build wizard with a smile as he greeted them.

“Mr. Murphy, h.e.l.lo!” Said Camille and Carlos together as they bowed.

Abel saw the two bowing, so he bowed as well. He knew who that was; he was the owner of another magic tower, Wizard Murphy.

“I’ll get going now, or else the teleportation circle will tell your teacher I am disturbing him from making money.” In a big loud, Wizard Murphy had disappeared from the teleportation circle again.

“Wizard Murphy also has a teleportation circle in his magic tower?” Abel asked in a puzzled tone. If Wizard Murphy was going out or going back, he needed a teleportation circle in his magic tower to teleport.

Camille replied, “Both Yveline magic tower and Murphy magic tower have a closed by a branched magic circle that relies on this main teleportation circle in front of us to operate. Although they have some features of this main teleportation circle, all branched teleportation circles need to go through the main teleportation circle to teleport to places further away.”

“But I never saw a teleportation circle when I was in Yveline magic tower.” Said Abel.

“Of course you’ve never seen it. Branched teleportation circles don’t have a defense circle like this, so normally they are built in a specific room, not in the first-floor lounge like this,” Camille’s replied.

Then, Carlos pointed towards the golden fences covered in patterns outside of the teleportation circle and said, “Do you think the teacher had made this? Defense circle and teleportation circles are all installed by the wizard Union. First, this can make sure the magic tower is safe. Second, make sure the person teleporting is safe. The defense circle can separate the person teleporting from the magic tower. This makes sure that they can not be attacked by the magic tower during teleportation, and they can not attack the magic tower.”

“A teleportation circle must be very expensive, isn’t it?” Abel softly asked Carlos.

“The cost is one thing; the most important thing is that only an intermediate wizard can request to install one. Normally the owner of a teleportation circle won’t let a wizard who is a higher rank than they enter the teleportation circle in their magic tower. If they let a wizard who is a higher rank than them to enter their magic tower, it might be very dangerous despite the defense circle. Therefore, the wizard Union had set this prerequisite. Only intermediate wizards can request to build a teleportation circle.”

Afterward, Carlos places his ident.i.ty card on the teleportation circle again. The small door opened, he went inside first, and the small door disappeared.

Camille and Abel then followed, each also entered the teleportation circle with their own ident.i.ty card.

“Let’s be quick. Let’s not take up too much time from the teleportation circle.” Camille reminded.

“Sure, I’ll show little brother how to operate this, so he can operate it himself in the future,” Carlos replied in one breath.

Carlos took out the three leafs wizard badge from his pocket and placed it on to a gap in the corner of the teleportation circle. The teleportation circle began to s.h.i.+ne in white, but much less than before.

“It shouldn’t take up too much energy to ignite this. Only the energy from the magic tower should be enough, so it doesn’t cost us anything to do this.” Carlos said to Abel with a smile.

“What’s this?” Abel asked as he saw a beam of white light shoot up from the center of the teleportation circle on to the wall, casting some words moving around in a confined manner.

Abel had seen this technique in the wizard Union before. It seemed like some kind of television generated by the magic circle. Now, it also seemed like this technique was much more advanced than he had initially imagined.

“This is the mission list. If you see any mission you like, you can just press down directly with your wizard badge,” said Carlos pointing at the words moving around in the wall.

“Carlos, accept mission 1473, quick.” Shouted Camille, pointing at a message on the wall.

Abel looked at mission 1473, it wrote:

Mission number:1473

Mission demand: 500 feather gra.s.s

Mission time: 7 days

Mission credit: 2 points of credit


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