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Chapter 154: Elite Knight

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel felt like he had no idea what to do. His power of the will unintentionally began to scan over the body of Wolf rider captain of Flauring. He suddenly felt lifted in his heart. He thought to himself, I’m stupid. There’s a real-life model right here.

It never occurred to captain Flauring in a thousand years that he had not only provided the combat qi for Abel to increase his rank but also provided him with the path template. Now all Abel had to do was follow this template to construct his meridians until he eventually reached the rank of a commander of the knights. There was no need to do any research himself.

When it came to the prestigious rank of a commander, neither the Bennett family nor the Harry family of Harvest City had a Knight of this t.i.tle within their family. Now, captain Flauring’s defeat had somehow a.s.sisted Abel in completing this missing part of their family’s inheritance. Not to mention, it was also presented to him in a very specific way.

The first combat qi meridian followed the pattern in the body of Lord flower and extended from the core to the qi pressuring point the palm of his right hand. This was a very delicate job, similar to an architect directing the combat qi to work properly. Every time the path of the meridian was compressed, it will slowly form its shape and grew longer.

Abel copied the model of captain Flauring and began to extend his meridian from his core to his palm. Abel felt a tremble within his body, and a feeling of warmth spread through his entire body. It was like his body was being ma.s.saged by countless hands. Moreover, his power of will was also affected by this warmth too. This was a feeling that occurred on knights who had been promoted from an intermediate knight to an Elite knight. However, this kind of energy felt different when compared to increasing rank as an official knight, since this kind of energy only has a small impact on the body but was also considered as a crucial factor in increasing rank.

Starting from Elite knights, they were basically impossible to be a.s.sa.s.sinated as these knights possessed an incomparable awareness. In case of any danger, these Elite knights were able to react much quicker than intermediate knights. Furthermore, Elite knights possessed the ability to impose pressure. Although their impose pressure might still be considered not as powerful, impose pressure was the most iconic thing about an elite knight. These two abilities were the main changes that would happen to a knight when they became an elite knight.

And as the level increased, so would the two abilities.

Obviously, the ability to be able to sense danger didn’t mean everything. For example, during the battle between Abel and the wolf rider captain Flauring, Abel’s murderous desire had never disappeared. Captain Flauring must’ve also felt this sense of murderous desire too. When Abel was throwing his “Firebomb” towards captain Flauring, Flauring’s sense didn’t notify him immediately as he was already in danger of Abel’s attack throughout the entire battle.

At this time, the combat qi flowing from captain Flouring’s body wasn’t reduced. Now, all Abel can do is wake up quickly through the leveling up energy, then build a second pulse channel.

For the second pulse channel, Abel chose the air pocket in the palm of his left hand to connect with the core of the qi, which was another complicated procedure to complete. The gas tube in the body was then extended little by little with a sufficient supply of combat qi. The procedure was completed very quickly.

After the core was connected to the qi pressuring point in the palm of the left hand, Abel was now officially a rank 16 Elite knight.

Just as Abel had learned from the experience of the two Elite knights, and had thought that there wouldn’t much combat qi left in Flouring’s body, he realized that his combat qi wasn’t abating, but instead, it was constantly flowing more and more into his body

Abel didn’t really know why this wolf rider had such a tremendous flow of combat qi. But wolf rider captain of Flouring was actually a very famous fighting monster. He was promoted to a wolf rider captain at a young age, and he was also the most probable wolf rider to be promoted to a head wolf rider captain within the wolf clan. After many years of practice, he was so close to the highest rank. Making his combat qi storage comparable to a head commander.

The third meridian, the fourth meridian, the fifth meridian, the sixth meridian, it was not until the sixth meridian was successfully constructed that the combat qi from the body of the captain Flouring began to weaken. By that time, Abel had already become a rank 18 Elite knight.

After the last bit of the combat qi was inhaled by Abel, the energy that supported his life had slowly disappeared, as captain Flouring spat out the last breath of his life. His eyes filled with despair as he left this world. He was sacrificed for a 14-year-old to become a rank 18 Elite knight.

Abe opened his eyes and looked at the dead wolf rider of Flauring in his hands. It was the hardest battle he had ever fought. The enemy died in his hands, and he gained a lot from them.

After waiting for a while, Abel didn’t seem to notice the Horadric cube absorbing the spirit of the dead captain. In another sense, the Holy Continent, he could hardly see the shadow of the departed spirit, let alone by the Horadric cube.

The Horadric cube, Abel thought, maybe it absorbed only the souls of the infernal creatures of Diablo, souls that were not meant to exist.

Suddenly a horrible thought came to Abel’s mind.

If heaven’s challenger had arrived at the world of Diablo to challenge in the past, how could they kill that many creatures from h.e.l.l outside the Rogue encampment? Through both the video game of his last life, or from Akara’s message, Abel could clearly felt there were too many creatures from h.e.l.l lurking around the Rogue encampment.

Abel had a theory and felt that it was infinitely close to reality. He thought that all human souls killed in the dark world do not leave that world but were eroded by the energies of h.e.l.l and transformed into creatures of h.e.l.l.

This gave Abel a chill. Perhaps he would face an endless sea of creatures from h.e.l.l in Diablo. Abel then thought of the s.h.i.+pwreck monsters from the red sea. It reminded him of the long-range attack formation of the hand-furred mice.

A sound “Shua” came from somewhere, then suddenly, a figure appeared on the side of Abel. Abel, who was thinking deeply at the time was suddenly surprised, as he waited to see clearly, he hurriedly ran forward and saluted, “Teacher!”

“Abel, are you all right?” Wizard Morton looked at the dead body on Abel’s hands and said, “This morning, I sensed the energy of something near the top of the hierarchy. I thought it was a commander. After a while, I realized that you were still not at the tower, so I came out to look for you. But it seems like you’ve already taken care of it.”

“Teacher, this a wolf rider captain. Luckily I had the help of magic spells. Otherwise, it would’ve been extremely difficult to defeat him,” Abel said while looking at the body on his hand.

“Wait, I think I know this wolf rider.” Wizard Morton then examined the corpse of captain Flauring carefully, he then looked at Abel with a surprised look and said, “This is Flauring. He is wanted in the Duchy of Carmel, Duchy of Thunder, Duchy of Koror, and the Duchy of Laka. He is the most cunning Wolf rider in the entire orc empire and is very powerful too. He is almost as strong as a head commander. I can’t believe you killed him.”

Abel touched his head in embarra.s.sment and said, “He was careless. He didn’t think I was able to cast magic spells. Because of that, he was. .h.i.t by my Firebomb due to his carelessness.”

“Haha, anyways, he did die in your hands. Alright, hand me the body, I will take care of it and don’t worry, you will get the benefits you deserve. But now, let’s first return to the magic tower.” Said Morton, laughing, and taking the body from Abel, as he seized his arm with the other.

The scene in front of Abel made his eyes moved. In the speed of a hurricane, he had moved a few hundred meters. The scenery moved chaotically again, as they traveled another hundred meters like a hurricane. Just like that, Abel had been brought back by Wizard Morton through his move in a flash. One moment Abel was caught in dizziness from the teleportation, and one moment he recovered. Luckily he had a strong body and did not faint. Until he had reached the front gate, he had slowly gotten used to the dizziness brought on by teleportation.


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