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Chapter 129: Beginner Mount Black Wind

“King Orc?” It was the first time Abel had heard this term. He stared at Marcy with curiosity, waiting for his explanation.

“King Orc is the ruler of a species. There can only be one king orc among a hundred thousand of orcs, and they naturally one rank higher than common species,” Marcy explained.

“What rank is Black Wind now? Abel asked

“From my experience, Black Wind had already exceeded the ultimate rank of the mount wolf species. It became a junior soul beast.” .As Marcy said the word “soul beast,” his eyes lit up with pa.s.sion. He continued, “Mount wolves are the highest quality attacking beast among all the normal orcs. Maybe it was because of this, I never heard of a single orc species breaking through and became a king orc, not even if they grow up naturally like Black Wind.”

Abel was sure at that point that the ordinary sounding “mount enhancement” technique must be some extremely precious mysterious technique. Both Black Wind and White Cloud had formed a soul chain with Abel, and despite Marcy’s experience, he had never heard of an orc that could create a soul chain and bond with another species.”

Especially for White Cloud, since Abel has been using the “mount enhancement” technique on it, Abel no longer needed to use the orc’s sky sparrow control card 36 to control White Cloud. He only needed to use their soul chain to connect with each other.

Now, since Black Wind had become a king orc, could White Cloud become a king orc as well? Up to this point, Abel’s heart was burning with pa.s.sion. But when he thought of the gigantic body of White Cloud and looked down at his hands, the burning pa.s.sion quickly turned into a patch of smoke. If Abel wanted to ma.s.sage White Cloud with the “mount enhancement” technique, he would at least need to be 5 meters tall.

It was a pity, the “mount enhancement” technique was a technique that required the unleas.h.i.+ng of the power of the will. If Abel did not possess the rank of a head commander in this world, he could not pa.s.s on this “mount enhancement” technique to another person. This was one of the unique ways the orc technique sign kept its secrets.

“Master Abel, you can now ride Black Wind!” Marcy softly reminded Abel.

“Yeah!” Abel had always treated Black Wind as a pet; he almost forgot Black Wind had already become a mount.

Marshall lightly called, “Black Wind, get ready!”

Originally Black Wind was joyfully dancing around Abel, but as soon as it heard this call, it immediately lay down. Its eyes stared at Abel with yearning, requesting him to start riding.”

“Master Abel, Black Wind will not let anyone rid him other than you. Therefore, the last part of the training was making you two a perfect fit for each other.” Said Marcy as he helped Black Wind to put of a saddle designed specifically for mount wolves.

Abel was very familiar with these kinds of saddles, he had a.s.sa.s.sinated countless wolf riders, and he often kept their mount wolf saddles as spoils of war in his castle.

Seeing that Abel was paying attention to the saddle, Marcy explained, “this saddle was specifically designed for the body of Black Wind. Black Wind was a lot stronger than normal mount wolves, and all the ready-made ones on the market will not fit it, so Mr. Steward had invited a Master specialized in making saddles into the courtyard to help make one for Black Wind.”

“No need for the rein!” Said Abel as he saw Marcy was amount to put a rein on Black Wind.

“Master Abel, you can you control it without a rein?” Asked Marcy with confusion.

Abel didn’t reply, and he only smiled mysteriously. He already had the soul chain to connect with Black Wind. If he could fly White Cloud perfectly without a rein, Black Wind should be even easier. As long as they were a good fit, their fighting power could easily exceed using a rein.

“Whooo…!” Black Wind began to wiggle its body, desperately looking at Abel, hoping he could get on top of it soon.

“Coming!” Said Abel as he quickly jumped on top of Black Wind. With a move of heart, Black Wind jumped up from the floor.

Black Wind felt the presence of its owner on top of it. It was happy since Abel was the only being in this world who was able to connect with it. Abel was the most important thing for Black Wind. Ever since Black Wind was born, it stayed with its Abel. Although it used to be naughty, after a few months of training, it understood its purpose in life.

“Go!” Abel said softly. Black Wind’s limbs began to generate energy along with its ma.s.sive body. It tensed up all its muscles, and soon Black Wind had already rushed outside like a knife slicing through the wind.

Alongside the main road of the courtyard, Black Wind arrived at the front gate like a strike of lightning.

Suddenly, Abel heard Loraine’s voice from behind, “Big brother Abel, I want to ride too!”

“Back!” Abel lightly padded on Black Wind’s neck. Marcy was stunned as Black Wind did a quick 360-degree turn. It did not even slow down the slightest bit, and it was already back by the side of Loraine.

An extremely speedy turn like this had made the life long mount wolf trainer Marcy question if Black Wind was even a mount wolf. This ability had exceeded all mount wolves by a long shot. He never even knew turning without decreasing speed could even be done.

As Black Wind ran back to Loraine, Abel reached out his hand and held Loraine by the waist. With a slight jerk, Loraine was already on the back of Black Wind.

Black Wind then speeded towards the front gate again. But this time, it directly jumped over the 5 meters tall front gate and continued to speed on to Triumph boulevard.

“Black Wind, faster!” Said Loraine as she held onto the neck of Black Wind and laughed. She didn’t seem to mind the speed at which Black Wind was going.

Hearing the support of Loraine, Black Wind increased its speed again. Abel felt like he was on his friend’s sports car from his past life. The houses and trees of each side fell behind him at extreme speed, and from time to time, he would hear the people on the sidewalk cheering.

A black shadow speeded along the normally calm and quiet Triumph boulevard. Suddenly, a luxury horse carriage was about to come out of an intersection. Seeing they were about to crash, some people closed their eyes, and some automatically let out a scream. But in a second, the black shadow did a majestic leap, creating a marvelous curve line in mid-air above the horse carriage.

The two warhorses carrying the luxurious carriage was deeply shocked by what they had just witnessed. They felt like their souls had been shaken by a G.o.dly power; the 2 war horses couldn’t help but p.o.o.p themselves. A horrific smell came from the front of the carriage.

“Who was that?” Asked a middle-aged man wearing a luxurious suit. He viciously stared at Abel, disappearing into the distance.

“Master, that’s Baron Abel !” The carriage driver was not an ordinary person. He was an intermediate warrior, so his eyesight was quite good.

The middle-aged men with a luxurious suit began to speak again. “Let’s go back!” His voice was sounding helpless, as though as the vicious stare he just had was just a mistake.

“There’s someone on top of it, and it’s a mount!” Said someone on the sidewalk, realizing there was someone riding the black shadow.

“It’s a black mount wolf, my G.o.d. Someone is actually riding a mount wolf!” Since Triumph boulevard was were all the most powerful n.o.bles lived, most of them had seen a lot in their lives, so someone had also recognized the black shadow.

At the end of Triumph boulevard, a group of soldiers was on guard. Suddenly, one of them shouted, “What is that?”

A few soldiers saw a black shadow speeding towards them on Triumph boulevard. The first thing that came to their minds was to block it. However, the moment they were about to step forward, their leader had stopped them. Their leader had served in the miracle city and gained outstanding military service, and he said in a low voice, “Do you want to die? That’s mount wolf, when have you ever seen a knight owning a mount wolf in Bakong City?”

They exited Triumph boulevard and continued to speed on to Tian Jin avenue. The roads were becoming more and more crowded, Abel moved in his heart again, and Black Wind slowed to a walking speed.

“Big brother Abel, Black Wind is very fast, even faster than a unicorn!” Said Loraine joyfully. Once again, Loraine had mentioned something that Abel did not know about. He had only seen a unicorn on the coat of arms of the Lord of Marshall. He never knew they were real animals.

If Loraine had ridden a unicorn, how high was her status actually? This question has emerged in the mind of Abel again, but Abel didn’t want to pressure Loraine. He wanted to just go with the flow, and if Loraine wanted to say it, she would have done so already.

There were a lot of people in Tian Jin avenue, and they all looked at Black Wind with a puzzled expression. Many of them were also curiously looking up and down at Black Wind and Abel and Loraine on its back.

A Knight saw Black Wind, and his face looked oddly surprised. There was not a single person that had heard of a Knight owning a mount wolf in the entire Duchy of Carmel. After the Knight’s oddly surprised look had faded away, jealousy flashed in his eyes. In this world, a good mount was like a luxurious sports car. A mount wolf was the best mount anyone could find in the holy continent.


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