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Chapter 570 “I am Not a Cat, Don’t Tease Me!”

Xiao Yunyun, who was sitting in the taxi, was stunned.

Yes, she went to the hotel yesterday afternoon to find Su Yunjin. Then, she suddenly knew the fact which she was the least willing to face in her life.

In fact, she could harshly question Su Yunjin—For so many years, Su Yunjin and Xiao Guoshan had always claimed that she was the only child. But why did she have a half-blooded brother? And it was Shen Yuechuan.

However, the family, after all, had to enter the same house. For the sake of the overall situation, Xiao Yunyun must feign the calmness she had when she was in the operating room.

Xiao Yunyun quickly cleaned up the bad mood and smiled lightly: “Yes, I have something to tell you, so I went to find you. But I was lying in bed for half an hour, and you didn’t come back, so I left.”

Su Yunjin was a little perturbed and asked, “You’ve been waiting for me in the hotel room all the time?”

“Well,” Xiao Yunyun was casual, and there was a hint of disgust in her tone, trying to divert Su Yunjin’s attention. “In the end, a hotel is a hotel, with just a living room and a bedroom. I’m lazy; where can I go except the bedroom?”

Su Yunjin once suspected that Xiao Yunyun might have discovered Shen Yuechuan’s information, but from Xiao Yunyun’s tone, she could not hear any traces.

Su Yunjin slowly relaxed and explained, “I had something to do yesterday, so I was out with a friend. Is there something important that you want me to do? Or… we can have lunch together. Why don’t you tell me about it later?”

“I’m an intern. I don’t have time to go out for lunch at noon.” Xiao Yunyun pretended to think for a moment, and then said seriously, “I’ll tell you on the phone when there’s a traffic jam.”

Su Yunjin nodded and said, “Alright.”

“In fact, it is not very important.” Xiao Yunyun sighed and said, “I just suddenly realized that you are right.”

Su Yunjin found a place to sit down and carefully asked, “What I said is right?”

“You said that I will not be happy with Shen Yuechuan.” Saying that, Xiao Yunyun’s tone became angry. “I have already figured it out, he doesn’t like me at all! He just feels that I am fresh and teased me for fun. He has never thought of responsibility!”

Su Yunjin: “… So?”

“That’s why I’ve decided not to like him anymore!” Xiao Yunyun snorted haughtily. Then, she spoke in a tone as if nothing had happened. “Actually, if you think about it carefully, I might not like Shen Yuechuan. He’s handsome, high-cla.s.sed, and good at flirting. He just likes to deal with girls all the time. It’s normal for my heart to beat so fast like it’s out of control when I’m tempted by him. I admit that I’m interested in him, but actually… it’s not to the point where I like him or love him. Probably it’s because I’ve never loved anyone before, that’s why I mistook him as love.”

“Fortunately, I have figured it out now!”

Xiao Yunyun said a lot, and every sentence was what Su Yunjin wanted to hear, and every sentence was enough to make Su Yunjin let go of the guilt in her heart.

But it was because of this that Su Yunjin became suspicious, “Yunyun, why did you suddenly get over it? Did you… find something?”

“Well? Mom, why are you asking me if I found anything?” Xiao Yunyun raised her tone as if she found a new continent, “Oh! Are you hiding something from me?”

Xiao Yunyun was very relaxed and casual. Su Yunjin could not be sure whether she had discovered Shen Yuechuan’s ident.i.ty or not. So she had to deny: “You are so grown-up now. Did Mom ever hide anything from you? I am just really curious why you suddenly got over it.”

“The reason is very simple.” Xiao Yunyun still said in an indifferent tone, “Mom, it’s the 21st century now. I don’t have the education of your age. For our generation, love is just like fast food. If you are full and tired, you can change to the next store at any time. True love and eternal pledges are rare.”

Su Yunjin did not agree with Xiao Yunyun’s words, but she still said, “I am very happy that you can figure it out.” She had practiced over a hundred times in her mind on how to persuade Xiao Yunyun to give up Shen Yuechuan, while Xiao Yunyun had figured it out herself. How could she not be happy?

“So, you don’t have to worry about me.” Xiao Yunyun pretended to be calm and smiled. “Since Shen Yuechuan is just teasing me, and I am not a cat, I don’t care about him. However, mom, I was so excited when talking to you before, I’m sorry.”

Su Yunjin smiled and said, “You’re still young. Mom won’t blame you.”

“Thank you, mom!” Xiao Yunyun said in a surprise tone, “Oh, no. I’m about to arrive at the hospital. Mom, I need to go now!”

After that, without waiting for any response from Su Yunjin, Xiao Yunyun decisively hung up the phone, buried her face deep on her knees, and let the crazy tears wet her palms.

She had lived for so many years but only loved one person.

However, fate was playing a trick on her. She couldn’t afford the consequences of being with this person, and she couldn’t personally push Su Yunjin and her father into the abyss of pain.

So it might be the best choice to pretend that she didn’t care about him anymore and end the farce between her and Shen Yuechuan as naturally as possible like it never happened.

“Girl, we haven’t arrived at the hospital yet.” The car was stopped at an intersection. The driver looked back at Xiao Yunyun, “We are still away from the hospital…” Before he finished his words, he suddenly found that Xiao Yunyun had buried her head on her knees, and her shoulders were twitching. Obviously, she was crying.

The driver was stunned and confused for a moment. “Are you all right, miss?” The girl had just said everything in a clear and logical way, so how could she cry so easily?

Xiao Yunyun did not say anything, sobbed a few times, then shook her head and indicated that she was fine: “Master, you don’t have to worry about me.”

It was clear from her voice that she was suffering from a broken heart.

The driver understood more or less. What she had just said to her mother on the phone were all lies, but he was just a stranger after all, and it was not convenient to ask too much. So he could only silently send Xiao Yunyun to the hospital.

Along the way, Xiao Yunyun tightly pursed her lips and tried to stop herself from crying. She forced herself to take out the calmness and self-control of facing a major operation and forced down the feeling of cutting her heart.

She was very sad.

It was like being trapped in a narrow s.p.a.ce, and at the same time, something was striking her heart heavily. Not only was she unable to breathe, but her heart was also hit so hard that it teetered.

However, she could not let herself indulge in this feeling. She must pull herself out as soon as possible. Otherwise, she could not hide the feeling from Su Yunjin and Shen Yuechuan.

Now, the only thing worth celebrating was that Su Yunjin would take her feelings into consideration and would not tell her that Shen Yuechuan was her brother in a short time.

At least she had a little time to completely digest this fact, and then at the moment when Shen Yuechuan’s ident.i.ty was revealed, she could pretend to be shocked and surprised.

When they arrived at the hospital, Xiao Yunyun first went to the bathroom, washed her face with clear water, took out some makeup from her bag, and used a flawless pen to cover up her sleepless mark.

After making sure that she could find no loopholes on herself, Xiao Yunyun changed into a clean white coat and began the day’s work.

Perhaps Xiao Yunyun had trained herself to a professional level in the medical school. When facing the patients and all kinds of diseases, she could forget personal things, forget all the pain and forbearance, and also forget Shen Yuechuan.

Therefore, when she got off work, Xiao Yunyun offered to change her shift with her colleague who was on the night shift.

The words “night shift” was like a magic spell. For every doctor and nurse, it was a kind of torture. If someone was willing to change the shift, it would be like a free lunch falling from the sky.

Her colleague asked Xiao Yunyun surprisedly, “Why do you want to change shifts with me, are you alright?”

“I have nothing to do today, but I have something to do tomorrow.” Xiao Yunyun made an excuse casually, “But I can’t rest tomorrow, so I have to change shifts with you.”

“Hey, what’s up tomorrow?” The young colleague pretended to ask ambiguously, “Be honest, do you have to date the handsome guy who ordered breakfast for us last time, huh?”

Xiao Yunyun subconsciously stopped her colleague from continuing. She pretended to be unhappy and said, “Why do you talk so much nonsense? Change or not, give me a word of answer!”

“Yes, yes!” The colleague happily took off the white cloak. “Then I’ll go home first and bring you breakfast tomorrow!”

As for the so-called tomorrow, Xiao Yunyun actually had no expectations, and she did not go to dinner at the diner in the restaurant. She stayed in the office and looked at the patient’s information. In the end, she began to cooperate with the superior physician to start the night shift.

The night shift was very tiring, especially when she didn’t rest well the last night. But no matter how tired she was, Xiao Yunyun had to utilize all of her energy to take care of every patient’s problem.

In this way, Xiao Yunyun really got what she wanted, and she had no time to think about Shen Yuechuan. Tomorrow when she went back, she could probably have a good sleep!

Xiao Yunyun comforted herself, “You are awesome!”

The next morning, when her colleague rushed to the hospital with breakfast, she was frightened by Xiao Yunyun’s dark circles. She quickly stuffed soy milk and buns into Xiao Yunyun’s hands. “Look at your exhausted look. You must be tired. Go eat something and go back to sleep.”

“I don’t have an appet.i.te; you should eat it.” Xiao Yunyun took off her white coat and grabbed her bag. “I’ll get off work first.”

After returning home, she took a simple shower and washed her face with water. Then, Xiao Yunyun threw herself on the bed and fell asleep in less than half a minute.

Using one’s physical energy to the extreme would indeed be helpful to one’s sleep.

However, it was obvious that the drawbacks of this method were greater than the benefits.

Although she was asleep, Xiao Yunyun’s sleep was not very deep. There were some strange scenes continuously showing up in front of her eyes.

After careful identification, she recognized that those scenes were from the newly developed island owned by Lu Enterprises.

The only difference was that she and Shen Yuechuan were the only two people on the island this time.

The sun, the beach, and the person she loved the most—this sentence just made her feel very comfortable.

But subconsciously, there was always a voice telling Xiao Yunyun that it was not true. It was no longer possible for her and Shen Yuechuan to be a couple.

Finally, Xiao Yunyun woke up from a nightmare when the cell phone in her bag was ringing. She took it out and saw that the caller was Qin Han…


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