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Chapter Three One Nine (319)

Th.o.r.n.y Kiss (II)

“That’s right, and so what?”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

Seeing the way how Yao Yao provoke them, the officers who are in shift smiles with hatred: “Then you absolutely know that your action, the operation system can break into the web pages of our country’s secret files! You are doing it by intentionally!”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“Aiya….” Yao Yao is smiling and also pointing her fingers to the investigators: “Words cannot be spoken that way. My IQ is above 200 which something that I could not control, an according to your meaning, our country’s science and technology protection actually is not enough to withstand the invasion of people with IQ higher than 200? If really this is the case, don’t you think that there is even no reason to arrest me? Must go to Parliament House, ask them to make changes toward the science and technology for the Nation, also beware with people who have high IQ? Geez, really useless!!”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“You!!!!”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“Alright!” Yao Yao hurried changed her smile expression into cold, said: “You guys said that I am espionage, and also it begins with suspicious, so that, I have right to ask for protection!”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“Who is the person you want to be guarantor? Say out the contact person.”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“I want….” when she said halfway, Pair of Yao Yao eyes are gleaming, coldly said: “Ask Congress Yu Ao Tian to come as my guarantor.”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“MF her, this little girl is so outrageous!” two investigators who responsible to make investigation are going out from investigation room with face that fume in rage: “You say, both of our mouth cannot win over that little girl’s mouth? Really so hateful!!”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“Huh, there is reason why she can such outrageous.”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“What her reason to do so? Doesn’t it because she has IQ above 200, that special right, that’s all?”read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

“You read carefully, the below of her data.” after said, that investigator helplessly handed over the profile data from his hand to the other investigator’s hand.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

This anger investigator took a glance: “World Cla.s.s Lawyer, advance level? She is….. That world cla.s.s lawyer? Just that little girl?”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“En, she is not only world cla.s.s lawyer, but she also the person who had secure our congress Yu position in Parliament!”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Ugh….. So she was that person being rumor in our department, the lawyer of last time, is she that person? Ha, really never thought, this little girl is someone so awesome.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“That’s right, not expected right, dare to be such outrageous? Hurried, go and contact Congress Yu to guarantee her out.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“En.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

Reckon also need more or less about an hour, waiting until Yu Ao Tian received the phone call and settle everything and then hurries he rushing to Nation Intelligence Service office.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Congress Yu.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Congress Yu.” the investigators are giving respect bowing to Yu Ao Tian while greeting him.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

He politely nodding toward them, coldly said: “where’s she?”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Immediately being bringing here.” not long after that, the staffs are taking Yao Yao out from the investigation room.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

Take a simple procedure, she and Yu Ao Tian are sitting on the same national intelligence service office room, for whole process these two persons are not having any communication, even there is no eye contact from both of them.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

The car is stopped at the Government’s office entrance, Yu Ao Tian directly walking to his car.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Wait wait.” Suddenly, Yao Yao stopped him by pulling his arm.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

Turned his head, Yu Ao Tian bottomless pair of eyes are coldly looking at her, that kind of exuded expression able to freeze oneself.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“Bring me to your home.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

“I don’t have time. You go back to your home by yourself.”visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

Hah, this kind of cold manner of Yu Ao Tian really out of her prediction, remembered not long ago after her mother pa.s.sed away, this man even came to her school to look for her, right? Both of them were almost fight.visit azurro4cielo.wordpress.com for new update

Why now, that sort of ‘pa.s.sionate’ had disappeared? Is it because this public place? Or perhaps, there is not peace at his heart?

“It won’t take much of your time, Ao Tian, just half an hour.” Yao Yao is trying hard to stay alike usual speaking tone, but she cannot smile, not even the forceful smile, she also cannot do it.

Yu Ao Tian thinks for moment: “Get into car.” this is because he forced himself to ask Yao Yao to get into his car.

“Congress Yu, where to go?” inside the car, other than the driver there is also a secretary. She only can take a seat beside the driver.

“Hua Mei road, number 308.”


On the way, Yu Ao Tian mobile phone constantly ringing, it can be felt that the current him are especially busy! Super busy! Secretary who sits beside him constantly keeps on writing something, this cannot make Yao Yao not to think of, her father who was Prime Minister’s secretary, could he also this busy?

The car arrived at the destination in a moment.

Both of them are getting down from the car one in front one at back.

When they are arrived at the Villa entrance, Yao Yao unconsciously paused her footstep.

Hua Mei road…. Hua Mei Villa….

‘Brother, where are you?’

‘At home!’

‘Which one?’

‘Our father and our mother’s place they used to live before.’

Hah, this must be Hua Mei villa address, right? Yu Ao Tian must be bought this abandoned building?

No wonder he likes this place utmost, because this place has his childhood memory, has his past!

Really cannot understand, after all he hates so much those who killed his father and mother, but why he brought her to this place? Not understand, isn’t her coming only to dirty the place belongs to his father and mother?

Walking inside to the place where Yu Ao Tian stays, carefully counting this place almost more than month Yao Yao never coming. But things still similar on the day she left, it seems that Yu Ao Tian also never come back to this place, right?

Tea cups, plates, bowls and others. Everything just too familiar for her.

It can be said, this place, during the days she stayed together with Yu Ao Tian it so less to find any bad memory about them, furthermore it has many beautiful memories.

But so regretful…..

It was before she knew the truth!

“What’s matter?” Yu Ao Tian is loosening his necktie on his neck, expressionless he sits down on the sofa.

Yao Yao is slowly walking in front of him, using a stranger eyesight to look at him: “Why you act such cold toward me?”

“Haven’t you known it?”

She knows it? What must she know? Should she know that he is the person who killed her mother?

Endure! Endure! This is not the time to explode. She makes fist from her hand: “Why don’t you ask me why I got arrested by the national intelligence officers?”

When Yao Yao asked this question, Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes are only having cold gleam, and then he keeps silent.

Why don’t ask!


By this way she can keep on talking!

The hatred in her heart suddenly intensified, she dashed alike an arrow into Yu Ao Tian in front.

When he hasn’t had any reaction, he only can feel nice fragrance overflowing from her lips that pressed down to his lips.

So obviously, dealing with this type of sudden kissed, Yu Ao Tian is little bit shocked, that bottomless pair of eyes wide-opened, in his memory, others than when this Little Thing drunk, this is her first time to take an initiative to kiss him first!

Finally, the emotion that being suppressed by Yu Ao Tian for this time, exploding, there is man’s**, but at same time it also has angered feeling regarding Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi!

But this moment, he just wanted to enjoy this kiss!


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