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Chapter 219: The Vengeful Lin Jiufeng

Two days pa.s.sed in a flash.

To Bai Tiandi, these two days were very fulfilling.

He saw the appearance of a brand new world other than the Mountain Sea Realm.

He saw vast lands and fertile plains.

He chatted happily with Princess Yulin and learned a lot about the world through her.

This experience was an eye-opener for Bai Tiandi.

Princess Yulin was puzzled.

Why was Bai Tiandi so ignorant about these common things despite being so powerful?

But Bai Tiandi said that he had just arrived in this brand new world from another world and was currently being imprisoned in the ancient city of the oasis.

He never had the chance to go anywhere just yet.

Hearing this, Princess Yulin finally understood that it was normal that he didn’t know.

At first, Princess Yulin misunderstood Bai Tiandi’s words. He thought that he was from the previous era who had just come into being in the current era. But what she didn’t expect was that he was actually from a whole new hidden world.

This was his first time stepping into this world.

After two days, Bai Tiandi bade farewell to Princess Yulin.

Standing on the emerald green plains, Bai Tiandi was dressed in simple rough hemp clothes.

He no longer had the confident and arrogant character that he had in the Mountain Sea Realm.

He had changed and became more amicable.

Perhaps this was because he received a too big of a blow from Lin Jiufeng.

Princess Yulin stood beside Bai Tiandi.

Her clothes fluttered slightly, and the breeze lifted her beautiful hair.

She looked at Bai Tiandi with curiosity in her eyes.

“This new world is quite beautiful. It’s a pity that I can’t stay here for too long.”

Bai Tiandi looked regretful.

“Why?” Princess Yulin asked. She didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Because your Teacher Master won’t allow us to appear in this world just yet. He probably won’t let us appear in this world for the time being…” Bai Tiandi calmly replied.

After three years, his heart had long calmed down.

He was no longer angry at Lin Jiufeng for keeping them in the oasis.

Lin Jiufeng created a prison for them and imprisoned them in one place.

He didn’t hurt them, and in essence, he did it for the sake of this new world outside.

“This…” Princess Yulin smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Actually, it’s okay.”

“This world is simply too fragile to house us all at once. It’s better for us to wait for a while.”

Bai Tiandi smiled at Princess Yulin and turned around to leave.

He took a step forward and the void instantly split apart.

It swallowed Bai Tiandi and he disappeared without a trace.

Princess Yulin looked at the place where Bai Tiandi disappeared.

She fell into a daze.

After a long time, she retracted her emotions and said, “With Big Grand-Uncle’s help, we once again crushed those ambitious people. This world will finally be at peace once more.”

The might of Bai Tiandi’s attack this time would surely spread throughout the world. The Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty’s influence and standing would definitely soar as a result.

No one would dare to attack the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty in the near future.

The truth was just as she thought.

The battle outside the Jade Gate Pa.s.s shocked the world.

Be it the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty, the monster race, the barbarians, the Plains, or the factions overseas…

They all fell silent.

This was especially true for the Wo Nation.

Their hearts were bleeding. They lost ten King Realm experts just like that.

Some people even looked at the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

They couldn’t hold back their emotions as they furiously spat.

“Why does the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty have so many trump cards?”

The Northwest Territory had fierce winds, so there was yellow soil flying around everywhere.

But compared to three years ago, the place had become greener and much better scenery-wise.

Deep in the Northwest Territory—in the Mountain Sea Realm.

The ancient city in the middle of an oasis had become a restricted area.

No one dared to come and visit the oasis, especially after the battle of King Xian that happened not long ago. The terrifying aura that appeared here scared those people in the Northwest Territory who had thoughts of visiting the oasis.

They obediently cut off their unrealistic thoughts.

Hence, Lin Jiufeng’s simple life continued.

He adjusted his condition bit by bit every day, waiting for the heavy rain and that upcoming battle.

A few days pa.s.sed since Bai Tiandi went out.

After sending Bai Tiandi out, he didn’t pay attention to the battle anymore.

With Bai Tiandi’s interference, he could already predict the result.

Bai Tiandi was an invincible existence to the people outside.

There was no trouble that he couldn’t solve out there.

Hence, when Bai Tiandi returned, Lin Jiufeng wasn’t surprised to see him with a smile.

Lin Jiufeng asked, “Have you solved everything?”

This question was just a matter of formalities.

Because Lin Jiufeng already knew the answer.

“It’s settled. It’s not a big problem,” Bai Tiandi casually replied.

Lin Jiufeng nodded.

To him, it really wasn’t a big problem.

“But I met your disciple, a beautiful girl…” Bai Tiandi’s lips suddenly curled up.

Lin Jiufeng frowned.

His only female disciple was Princess Yulin.

Seeing Bai Tiandi’s behavior, Lin Jiufeng coldly spat. “It’s just an encounter. Everyone will meet many people in their lives.”

“No, this isn’t a simple encounter. In the past two days, we toured the Plains together and went to Wolf Storey Mountain. We talked happily with each other and enjoyed each other’s company.” Bai Tiandi looked at Lin Jiufeng and revealed a happy smile.

“Is that so?” Lin Jiufeng’s face darkened.

“Of course!”

“Your disciple is a very beautiful woman. I am looking forward to meeting her again. I think she feels the same way too.” Bai Tiandi deliberately said this in front of Lin Jiufeng.

Then he turned around and decisively left.

Looking at Lin Jiufeng’s dark face, he almost laughed out loud.

“You won’t be able to leave this place anytime soon,” Lin Jiufeng said directly.

Bai Tiandi pretended not to hear it.

“No, you should stay in the ancient city for the rest of your life!” Lin Jiufeng added.

Bai Tiandi waved his hand.

Without turning his head, he said, “Then, can I ask Princess Yulin to come here and visit me? She will probably like this place. It’s quiet, peaceful, and the scenery here is beautiful. She might choose to settle here with me.”

Lin Jiufeng’s face turned terrifyingly dark.

The white cat snickered at the side.

Seeing Lin Jiufeng like this, she teased.

“Why do you look like the flower you have painstakingly raised is about to be taken away?”

Lin Jiufeng didn’t say a word. He turned around and walked to the lakeside.

He wanted to be alone.

He didn’t speak for the entire day.

On the second day, Lin Jiufeng looked at the white cat and asked, “I feel that Bai Tiandi needs to receive a few lessons from society.”

The white cat smiled happily and said, “I didn’t know that you could be so vengeful?”

“Hmph!” Lin Jiufeng couldn’t be bothered with her.

He truly watched Princess Yulin grow up.

She was also his only disciple—Emperor Yuan’s biological granddaughter—and also his grandniece

Seeing that someone was coveting his family’s flower, it would be a miracle if Lin Jiufeng was happy.

“Princess Yulin is already a grown-up. I don’t think it’s a problem if she gets close to Bai Tiandi. Why even worry about it? Bai Tiandi is a good person.” The white cat commented.

“In fact, can you even find a better candidate than Bai Tiandi?” The white cat asked Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng was rendered speechless.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I want some peace and quiet.”

Lin Jiufeng went fis.h.i.+ng on his own.

Seeing Lin Jiufeng throw a rare tantrum, the white cat felt that he was quite adorable like this.

She ran to Lin Jiufeng’s side and laid down.

She didn’t mention the matter just now and changed the subject.

“How much longer do you need to condition yourself?”

Lin Jiufeng thought for a while before saying, “I still need a little more time!”

“If you are going to fight with a False Immortal, the Northwest Territory will be destroyed, won’t it?” The white cat guessed.

Such a powerful battle would probably completely destroy the Northwest Territory.

“I will go into the Mountain Sea Realm.”

Lin Jiufeng raised his head and looked at the huge door.

A faint fire kindled in his eyes!


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