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Chapter 778: That’s Considered A Win, Right?

Varo did not expect that he would become so popular.

When the referee signaled them to start the battle, at least four groups of gladiators were charging at them. Varo was almost scared to death. Fortunately, only the nearest group was able to earn the right to fight with them in the end.

Nasika was not too pleased by such an outcome. He predicted that Zhang Heng and Varo would not survive the first round of battles. In other words, he would not get a chance to teach the two of them a lesson in this twelve-man mixed fight.

However, the battle had already begun, and his partner reminded him to be prepared to fight the enemies that were charging at them. The opponents they were about to face had considerable strength, and if they were not careful, they might just lose. Hence, Nasika could only retract his gaze away from Zhang Heng and Varo.

There was a strategy to win in the twelve-man mixed fight. It was not necessarily better to defeat your opponent as fast as possible. That was because the strongest group would most likely go through more rounds of battle, and it would consume more of their stamina. On the contrary, if lucky, one could immediately compete in the final round after they completed the first.

If there were no opponents available in the final round, the winner would have more time to recuperate. Other than that, the losers could also regain their qualification by defeating other losers to challenge the final winner.

In short, this was not a fighting performance that focused solely on strength. Everyone had to formulate a corresponding method. It was crucial for the gladiators to look for their combat rhythm to make sure they could fight more effectively. If they wanted to win in the final battle, they might need some luck.

Like the gladiators who were fighting against Zhang Heng and Varo, they did not rush the battle. Instead, they kept a certain amount of pressure on the two of them to avoid being ruled by the referee as pa.s.sive fighting. They had made up their minds to drag the battle as long as possible.

After all, Zhang Heng and Varo were regarded as the weakest group. The most important thing was that one of them was dimachaerus, and another one was retiarius, considered s lightweight gladiators. They did not even have a s.h.i.+eld with them.

Therefore, the team fighting against them felt that they could end the battle at any time. Ideal opponents like this were not easy to find. If they were to end the battle too quickly, they might have to engage in a tougher battle with other teams.

Varo also felt that their opponents were taking their sweet time to fight with them, relieving him a little

Although Zhang Heng said that their goal was to win in this battle, Varo was not too convinced in the end. He felt that a more realistic goal would be to show as much of his combat skill as possible in the first round of the duel. And Varo would also try his best to claim the victory from the first round of battle. Though there was a high probability that they would lose the second battle, at least it would increase their odds of survival.

What Varo did not expect was that Zhang Heng had no intention to drag the fight. So, he charged at them with both his swords.

His movements weren’t very swift at first. As if das.h.i.+ng, his steps got bigger and bigger, and his speed increased tremendously in a short time, just like drumbeats. The muscles of his body tightened as well.

The two gladiators on the opposite side were stunned by Zhang Heng’s sudden attack. Like Varo, they did not understand why Zhang Heng would break the balance between them. Logically speaking, it would not do him any good. But as Zhang Heng approached, the two unanimously sensed a huge threat was about to land on them.

This was not supposed to happen. Varo was left stunned for a while before he finally reacted. Considered a relatively good and loyal partner, he immediately rushed towards the opponents with Zhang Heng. However, there was still a short distance between him and Zhang Heng, which meant Zhang Heng was now fighting two enemies simultaneously. And he was just a newcomer with no reputation. It stood to reason that he should not have such a strong presence.

And the next thing that happened stunned Varo even more.

The two gladiators on the opposite side had already sensed the danger and put on a defensive posture. However, it was quickly rendered useless. Zhang Heng knocked away one of their weapon with a sword. After that, he kicked his opponent so hard that he was forced to on the ground. When the second gladiator wanted to raise his weapon, Zhang Heng’s sword was already on his neck. He was hoping that his partner would get up from the ground to help him, B=but the latter was in the same situation. When he wanted to get up, he could feel a chill running up his spine.

“Is that a win?” Zhang Heng asked the referee, who was left in shock.

In fact, focusing on Nasika’s group, most of the spectators in the stands did not know what happened in the battle just now. After all, the Bone Shatterer was the most famous person in this battle. Hence, everyone hoped that he would win every fight.

Since it was a boring battle, and Zhang Heng wasn’t a famous gladiator, few would naturally pay attention. No one thought that Zhang Heng and Varo would win the first round of the fight, not to mention how they ended the battle at such an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. It happened in just a blink of an eye. For the people who were paying attention to Zhang Heng, all they saw was Zhang Heng charging towards his opponents, and the battle was over.

What happened during the battle left many confused.

Mark Reuss was one of them. He and Gaby were discussing how to set the roster for the crucial gladiatorial performance that was going to be held after a month. Among them, one of the gladiators was Bone Shatterer. Hence, they were focusing on Nasika’s group. Mark Reuss did not even look at Zhang Heng and Varo’s performance. Shocked, he asked Gaby, “What happened.”

The latter was responsible for the management of the entire gladiator school. Of course, he would not just focus on a single gladiator. He was used to observing all the gladiators who were engaged in the fights simultaneously and had been paying attention to the situation on the battlefield. That was why he was staring at Zhang Heng right now. And Zhang Heng happened to be looking at him as well.

Gaby snorted, “I didn’t expect that I would misjudge someone.”

“What do you mean?” Mark Reuss frowned.

“This Easterner has hidden his strength during the previous training and a.s.sessment,” Gaby explained. He was the kind of person that hated anomalies. During the fight between Bach and Rufus, Back did kill Rufus even though he still won in the end. And now, what he discovered from Zhang Heng was obviously more shocking.

“Oh?” Mark Reuss was interested to hear what he had to say about Zhang Heng. After all, Zhang Heng never left a deep impression on him before. That was why he did not pay much attention to this oriental man in the first place. He even forgot how he pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment. So, he went on and asked, “How much strength does he hide? Can he be included in the roster?”

Gaby pondered for a moment, “Although Julius and Askle are not well-known, they are considered to be very powerful. Even Habitus could not defeat them instantly. Of course, they are also unfamiliar with Zhang Heng and Varo. And they have underestimated them. I don’t know. I can’t say anything about them now. Let’s continue to observe them. Since he decided to unleash all of his combat skills, he should be ready to claim the victory of this twelve-man mixed fight.”

But Mark Reuss thought of another thing. He slapped his thigh and said in an annoyed manner, “I knew I should have promoted him.”

“Who is better, Nasika or him?” he asked after a pause.

“I think we will know the answer soon.”


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